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    Successful branding campaign for Cradle Wealth - Serving the under-privileged through wealth made from networking

    Full Fledged Advertorial Writing

    All Exposure, No Trouble

    You want to get published on a leading media but don't want the trouble. Come to us. We will do the following for you:

    1. Interview the subject, write the story, sent it for your review
    2. Arrange for the photographer, graphic designer, location
    3. Liaise with the media owner to get it published.

    On the right, click on the successful branding campaign for a client published on The Straits Times (17.Mar.2017) which provided leads to my client.

    Ad-Hoc Events Coverage

    Localized Service, Without Permanent Cost

    Are you a digital portal who needs someone reliable to cover an exciting product launch but don't want the full cost of hiring someone permanent? For a fixed fee, I would:

    1. Travel anywhere in Singapore to cover the event for you with 1 week notice.
    2. Pick up interesting angles and quotes and write the story
    3. Hand it in the following day

    On the right, click on the event coverage for Fintechnews Singapore on the launch of Travelerbox at Changi Airport whose business revolves around collecting spare coins for merchant credits.

    Fact Sheet

    Tell The Facts, Get The Money

    Fact sheets are important when you are seeking investors to put in serious amount of money for your company. Let us be the neutral third party that:

    1. Extract the key information about the management, current pool of investors, company profile, timeline of past and upcoming milestones.
    2. Present the facts professionally, clearly and succinctly in 5 to 7 pages.
    3. Get the appointment for the next multi-million funding

    I have written the fact sheet of a blockchain company which included the details of the investors, company profile and key milestones which subsequently raised funds. The redacted are available upon request.

    Press Release (Tech Companies)

    Let the world know what you do.

    Press release are basically announcement of your activities to the media. Activities can be a new product launch, new round of investment or even a significant progress in either activities. I am the

    1. Neutral party who can cut through the technical jargons and present your breakthroughs that can be understood by the mainstream media
    2. Get the main points in 500 to 1000 words without having to spend time on the words.
    3. Create the mainstream awareness of your product offerings.

    If you are a tech start-up who don't have PR agency on retainer with your own media contacts, come to us. Redacted version of press release is available upon request.


    Give them a reason to come to your website

    Articles are written for an audience. They serve a purpose and the audience must have felt that they have not wasted their time after reading it. I specialize in writing articles in the finance and technology areas with the following characteristics:

    1. Based on secondary research from various reputable secondary sources.
    2. Analyzed and pieced together to provide insights and value to the readers
    3. Potential to go viral.

    I have written such articles in the areas of finance and technology before. On the right, I have my article on Alibaba's First Mall which was shared over 10,000 times and was the best contributor article for September 2017. I have quoted sources such as PwC, IMDA and Tech Wire Asia.

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